One Crazy Week in Boston

Today I have a text-only post; I hope that’s okay with everyone. I aim to post recipes twice a week, but this week’s events threw me off schedule and it seemed necessary to pause for a reflection.

This has been one crazy week to live in Boston. Following the tragic Boston Marathon bombing on Monday, the FBI released photos of the suspects they believed were responsible and a massive manhunt went underway that ended up 2 miles away from my house. Shortly before I went to bed on Thursday, I heard on the news that an MIT police officer was shot and killed in Cambridge and though I felt uneasy about it, they weren’t yet sure if there was a connection to the bombing suspects. About an hour after I went to bed, I woke to concerned text messages from friends asking if I was okay and saying that there were reports of gunfire and explosions near where I live. I pulled up the news on my phone and saw that there was a huge shoot-out and explosions just miles away from my house and started to panic. I was unsure if I should wake up my roommates and try to get out of there, or if it was better to stay put.

Shortly after, my roommates woke up and we gathered in Emily’s room to watch the news and listen to police scanners for the next 5-6 hours. We learned that it was in fact the bombing suspects that were causing all of this commotion, and that the two suspects were brothers. The older was wounded and killed, but the younger one escaped and was on the loose. Many of the surrounding towns, including ours, were on lock down and we were advised not to leave our homes. It seemed that the police had the suspect cornered at one point but he then got away and we had no way of knowing where he was. Finally, near the end of the day, the suspect was found hiding in a covered boat in someone’s backyard and after another shoot-out, willingly climbed out of the boat and was brought into custody. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief and finally felt like we could relax a bit.

It was an insane 24 hours that I won’t soon forget and I think I’m still processing everything that happened. I’m thankful for the emergency responders that kept us safe and that all of my loved ones were unharmed, but I will always keep the victims of this tragedy in my heart. I’m more proud than ever to be from Boston and it’s been very heartwarming to see the compassion and support from fellow Bostonians or even those from far away. The more they try to tear us apart, the closer we become and that is what I love about my home.


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